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This is Corey in the flesh and entirely embarrassed for life. You guys did a great job, total surprise, that gorilla is a masterpiece. If Lauren ever calls you again, delete her number. Great work. :)

It was a remarkable performance! They completely made the day so special . . . Ballon’s and chocolate made the experience completely unforgettable. My wife was completely blown away! I highly recommend this company Thank you!!!!!!!! Eric

FABULOUS. I can't recommend them enough! We hired a classic bellhop to sing to my mom on mother's day for a special gift. He was punctual, professional, and had an amazing voice. I will most certainly hire this company again and hope many others do as well. It's a wonderful, unique present for almost any occasion.

"I can not begin to tell you how grateful I am to you and Classic singing telegram, I deployed in November of this year, which caused me to miss Christmas, Valentines day, our anniversary and my wife's birthday, so needless to say she hasn't been real happy with me this year. We work 7 days a week here, which causes me to lose track of day's of the week, so when I realized that yesterday was the only chance I would have to send a singing telegram to her at work, I never expected for you guys to be able to accommodate. BUT YOU DID and not only were you able to complete that "mission" but you did it in awesome style with flare and showmanship of a true theater company. I can not begin to thank you enough for your hard work to make this happen, and congratulations on a job well done! In closing, words can not express how thankful I am to Classic Singing you made my Wife very happy!"

It was wonderful, and we thank her for her great job, and flexibility with the kids excitement ... thank you and Sarah again so much!!

Thank you sooooo much!  I was going to call you tomorrow when I got in, your singer was GREAT!!!  I expect to see him on Broadway someday! I will certainly recommend you and have already, as everyone asked where he was from. I also feel your price for service is excellent!  You do a great job and made it easy.  My sister cried, she was so happy!! Thank you again, you made her day and also mine!

"It was perfect! Carl was fantastic—just the right combination of playful and professional. You really made my wife’s night and made me look like hubby of the year—at least hubby the neighborhood, which my other male guests didn’t appreciate! I told them though, all I did was call you and you did the rest so perhaps more trips to Newtown Square in your future. Honestly, I called two others who advertised on the net and from the very beginning on the phone I could tell yours was far and away the most professional and was going to be the best fit for our night.. As I said, it was fantastic! Thanks again, Andrew"

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much she loved it and she was very shocked and surprised!!!! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work and speedy delivery. Devon​​​

"Good Morning, Let me begin by saying BRAVO!!! for a Stellar performance. The bell hop arrived exactly on time. His appearance was professional and fitting of his character and his talent was matched with that of a Broadway star. He sang like a song bird with a loud friendly melodic tone captivating the hearts of his audience.  He greeted Jay, the guest of honor with balloons and a great big kiss, (a chocolate Hershey one might I add) for her birthday. He succeeded in making this one of the most joyous and cherishable memories that my best friend will have for a lifetime. I want to thank you so very much for doing a phenomenal job in making Jay's birthday a happy one and truly unforgettable. Sincerely, Kris Parker"

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