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We are always interested in having energetic, vibrant, talent join our team. Singing telegram performances are totally unique and a fun way to keep up your performance and improv skills. We love making people's day, we're daring and our team is committed to making a major impact in a short amount of time. Messengers are paid a $50 per telegram delivery fee and provided with all supplies and costumes. Long distance mileage payments are offered for telegrams delivered more than 25 miles outside of Philadelphia. Schedule is flexible based on your availability.


What does it take to be a messenger?

  • Messengers are communicative with leadership regarding their availability and keep their schedule up to date using a simple Google Calendar.

  • Messengers keep in contact with leadership when on a delivery, pick up the requested materials either at the office or on their own and show up on time, in the right place, with the right stuff!

  • Messengers command the room and get everyone's attention with larger than life entrances and great projection and diction.

  • Messengers report back to leadership after a delivery to let us know how it went and include a photo for us to send to the customer whenever possible.

  • Messengers memorize opening and closing songs and know the melodies to our standard songs.

  • Messengers have a "Sure, let's go for it!" attitude and help make the delivery a success. They always reach out to leadership if something isn't going as planned to get direction.

  • A vehicle is required to make deliveries, please verify in your submission that you own or have regular access to a vehicle.

Does this sound like you?

If you think you'd enjoy delivering messages like this one: Telegram Example

Please apply by sending the following materials to with subject line "Telegram Messenger Submission":

  • A Headshot and Resume

  • A short video clip of you singing (any song or style) 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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